Batmen Through the Ages

Who is your favorite live-action Batman? Do you like your Batman dark and gritty, or bright and campy? Do you prefer your angry eyebrows finely sculpted, or brushed in a thin line? Do you think the bat ears should be long or short? Depending on your age, taste, and tolerance for bat nipples, it could be any of the six actors to don the cape and cowl. (Okay, probably not Clooney.) As a lifelong bat fan, I wanted to create a collection of illustrations that spoke to the wildly different takes on the Caped Crusader over the years, but that also emphasized their inherent similarities.

CLIENT: Self-Initiated

ROLE: Art Direction, Design, Illustration

BLOG POST: Batmen Through The Ages

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Adam West Coaster-01.png
Ben Affleck Coaster-06.png